MicrOSOFT Azure

Azure Administrator & Architect Technologies

  • AZ-900 | AZ-104 | AZ-303

  • Duration : 50 Hours

  • Prerequisites: Basic Windows/Linux Skills

  • Course Fee: 12000/- ( 6000*2 Installments)

What's new in Azure?

Azure COURSE Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Azure

● Cloud technology overview● Overview of Azure● Overview of Azure Resource Manager● Azure management services● Managing Azure with the Azure portal● Overview on Other Deployment options
  1. Implementing and managing Azure networking

● Overview of Azure networking● Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks● Configuring Azure virtual networks● Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity● Overview of Azure networking in an infrastructure as a service (IaaS)● Design subnets● Private vs Public IP addressing● Network security groups● Application security groups● User defined routes● Firewall rules● Configure External, Internal load balancers● Implement application gateway● Azure Traffic Manager● Azure Front Door Service● Software vs Traditional firewall security● Implement Bastion● Express Route Solutions Overview only● Site to Site and Point to Site gateway configuration
  1. Designing Implementing and managing Virtual Machines

● Overview Azure virtual machines● Understand Azure Resource Manager (ARM)● Deploy virtual machines in Azure portal● Deploy virtual machines using Azure CLI● Create, deploy and manage Azure ARM templates● Managing Azure Virtual machine storage● Configure Availability sets● Understand VM Scaling● Configure and Manage VM Scale sets
  1. Planning and implementing Azure Storage

● Azure Storage account overview● Understand Blob Storage● Understand File Shares● Managing Storage account using Azure CLI● Data migration using Azure storage explorer● Manage Access keys● Manage Azure Storage permissions● Azure Backup Overview● Azure Static Website deployment● Azure Datalake● Azure Datafactory● Custom domains
  1. Configure and Manage Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

● Backup and disaster recovery overview● Backup VMware Servers to Azure● Backup Azure VM & Azure SQL instances● Azure replication and failover groups● Azure disaster recovery vault configuration● How to implement full BCDR strategy
  1. Planning and implementing Azure PaaS Database

● Azure SQL database (PaaS) vs SQL database (IaaS)● Structured vs Unstructured data● DTUs vs Provisioned vs Serverless - Azure SQL● Azure SQL Geo Replication vs Failover Groups● Azure Opensource PaaS Databases – MySQL, Postgres & MariaDB● RUs – Azure Cosmos DB● Overview on Redis in Memory
  1. Implementing Azure App services

● Azure Web Apps overview (PaaS)● Deploying and Managing Web Apps● Azure App Service plan● Azure Deployment slots● Overview on GitHub and LocalGit● App Service Security● Serverless computing concepts● Azure Web Apps for scale and resilience● Azure AppInsights
  1. Implementing Azure Active Directory

● Azure Domain services● Azure Active Directory overview● Deploy and configure Active directory● Create and manage users and groups● Extending On-premise Active directory to Azure● Configure Azure AD connect● Role based access control (RBAC) overview● Configure domain users and groups to access Azure portal● Configure Azure Keyvault● SSO and MFA overview
  1. Implementing Azure-based management and automation

● Implementing Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)● Implementing Azure Automation● Implementing Automation runbooks● Managing Azure Automation
  1. Designing and developing apps for Containers

● Virtual Machine vs Containers● Install and configure Docker Engine● Create container Images● Deploy and manage Containers● Overview on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  1. Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Analytics

● Azure Monitoring and alerts configuration● Log analytics● Insights virtual machines and network● Insights applications and containers
  1. Introduction to Azure with Packer & Terraform

● Deploy Azure infrastructure with Terraform● Azure image management with Packer
  1. Understanding Azure DevOps

● Learning Azure DevOps Application/Tool● Creating KANBAN boards● Creating Repos and Branches● Installing 3rd Party Plugins● Creating release pipelines and deploying infrastructure
  1. Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Overview Azure functions Creating and executing azure functions Creating Logic apps and executing Introduction to Azure API management
  1. Azure Migrate projects and customer billing optimization

● Azure Migration projects● Recovery services vaults● Azure Database migration services● Azure cost calculator● Azure price optimization
  1. Azure Exam preparation and Projects

Azure Certification Hierarchy Designing and Implementing Azure Projects
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