Cloud Solutions

Transformation from Traditional IT 

Simplify your Cloud Journey and drive Transformation faster 

Cloud solutions at Mavrick are designed for companies to transform their traditional business to digital. we bring the simplicity and determine a clear path for adoption and management of cloud technologies. 


We offer best-in-class solutions across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in market leading public cloud platforms and offer optimized, cost efficient private cloud solutions for your business.

Team at Mavrick with in-depth-knowledge of cloud solutions architecture, assessment, planning, infrastructure designing, migration strategy, solution optimization. Our solutions helps organisations drive innovation and digital transformation by increasing business agility, reducing costs and simplified IT.

Cloud Migration Roadmap





  • Feasibility Architecture

  • Costs

  • Timelines

  • Risks

  • Security

  • Design a pilot

  • Build a pilot

  • Validation

  • Resolve issues

  • Benchmarks

  •  Storage options

  • Migrate data

  • Migrate Application

  • Migrate database 


  • Auto scaling 

  • Automation

  • Elasticity 

  • High availability 

  • Utilization

  • Monitoring

  • Efficiency

  • Performance

  • Re-engineering 

Which cloud model fits your organisation?

Cloud Computing is very much in vogue with multiple providers of such services in the market.  The Cloud provides an opportunity for Enterprise resources to be moved to the cloud. Enterprise IT departments today mostly manage applications across a maze of machines as part of a complex IT framework.  Part of the network could be within their premise and the rest could be external. CIOs need to assess their unique IT mix from time to time to evaluate the composition of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud infrastructure.  With evolving business goals, it is but natural that the composition of these would change from time to time. However, this is not an easy job. At a time, a number of applications, could be in tens or in hundreds are to be evaluated for migration and it requires deep knowledge and expertise to determine the local infrastructure as well as the Cloud Infrastructure where they have to be moved to.

we @ Mavrick cloud architects division determine where your enterprise data or application should move – private, public or hybrid clouds, you would require a careful understanding of these infrastructures and determine for yourself what needs to be moved to where in the Cloud.

Public Cloud 

Services of a public cloud can be provided off-site over the internet. These clouds offer a great level of efficacy in shared pool of resources, but they are also more vulnerable than private clouds. 


A Public Cloud is useful when:

  • The workload of applications is used by a lot of people like the email applications.

  • Require long term storage including tape storage, or data storage of any kind where your local physical media fails repeatedly.

  • You require a testing site for the development of code. You could perform load testing easily by increasing demand and decreasing it later on a public cloud.

  • You have SaaS provided by a third party who has implemented a Security Policy.

  • You require to increment your capacity during peak demand or seasonal demands.

  • You are collaborating with other parties in an operation or project.

  • You are involved in a Temporary Software project with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) on cloud.

Public Cloud scores over other clouds in the areas of Scalability and Cost. Since there is no need for on premise infrastructure, Public Cloud works on a Pay-As-You-Go Model and therefore costs less.

Private Cloud 

Though there are a number of advantages of a Public Cloud, enterprises rarely deploy all their applications on the Public Cloud. It is easier often to move the on premise applications to a Private Cloud rather than a Public Cloud.  A Private Cloud offers dedicated network infrastructure for you, whether it is an on premise dedicated infrastructure or an external dedicated infrastructure from a third party.

A Private Cloud is usually deployed for the following scenarios:

  • Control and Security of your data is paramount and you do not want the information to be leaked out.

  • Your business is part of and abides by strict security and data privacy issues of an industry.

  • Your company is large enough to run a next generation cloud data center of its own.

  • Your applications have a few legacy bindings which prevent them from working properly on public clouds.

  • The application has predictable usage patterns and low storage costs.

  • The application is poorly written and not used frequently, it does not make sense to migrate to a public cloud.

  • You are not comfortable to migrate to a public cloud, as your engineering team does not have the capability to migrate.

  • You want a very reliable and dedicated network with very high availability.

  • You have sufficient budget to maintain a Private Cloud Infrastructure.

The limitation for a Private Cloud is scalability. It may be constrained to handle peak demands from users, as the infrastructure is not extensible as in case of Public Clouds.

Hybrid Cloud


A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of Private and Public options and is planned to get the best of both the worlds. You can keep your business requirements spread out over parts of a public and a private cloud, thereby attaining maximum efficiency. 


Here are some indicators where you would like to use Hybrid Cloud:

  • Your company offered services tailored to different vertical niches. You could use the Public Cloud for interaction with the clients, while securely storing their data in a Private Cloud.

  • You want to have the scalability and flexibility that public cloud offers while maintaining your key infrastructure securely in your private cloud.

An important thing to understand about Hybrid Cloud is that it is as strong as the integrations that unite its constituents.

Business Benefits of Cloud 

Greater Business Agility 

Cloud Enables teams and individuals across the organisation to be more responsive and flexible to the demands of business, rapidly adopting to the changes in the business environment  

Why Choose  Mavrick?

At Mavrick, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model to making cloud work. We empower organisations to discover the true benefits of the Cloud and deliver business value faster. Our market leading experience, ensures our customers get the most from the Cloud tailored to individual needs. We provide customers with a full end-to-end service offering from licensing and provisioning through to ongoing support and management.