EMC Storage

EMC Storage

EMC - VNX Unified Storage Management 

Course Mentor:

Sree Harsha V

Course Duration:

40 Hours

Training Schedules:



08:00 AM to 12:00 PM


08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Class Room:

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EMC - VNX Unified Storage Management


Achieving EMCSA Specialist certification confirms your ability to manage EMC information infrastructure solutions and to recommend how to effectively integrate and use them. Earning this certification proves that you can fully leverage EMC technology capabilities, advise other IT staff on the effective integration of EMC, and participate in storage decision-making processes.

Achieving EMCSA Specialist - VNX Solutions certification benefits storage professionals who are deploying and managing VNX Unified Storage in a Windows, Linux, or VMware ESXi environment, It confirms your ability to configure and manage VNX Series Block-based storage SAN solutions (FC, iSCSI, and FcoE) and File-based NAS solutions (NFS and CIFS) in heterogeneous virtualized open systems environments. This includes configuring and managing the array, host access, and VNX SnapView and VNX SnapSure solutions and using the Unisphere application suite to monitor VNX Series environments.

Mavrick has a comprehensive training program to obtain skills to become Certified in Storage Administrator (EMCSA) Specialist - VNX Solutions

Course Topics

Module 1: Basic Storage


  • Why is data growing so large and what’s the solution for it?

  • What is Storage?

  • What is  structured and unstructured data?

  • What SAN & NAS?

  • SAN Vs NAS

  • Storage Types: DAS, SAN, NAS

  • Storage protocals :  SCSI, FC, ISCSI.

  • FC Layers

Module 2: Storage Components


  • Drive Types : SATA, SCSI,SAS,FC, EFD

  • What’s a RAID?

  • Different types of RAID?

  • SAN Components: Storage Devices, Fabrics, HBAs, Transceivers


Module 3: Storage Terminologies and Vendors  

  • SAN Topology

  • SAN host connectivity explanation

  • RACK, U-Size, Network and Power connectivity, EXPANDING DAEs

  • SAN Vendors: EMC, NETAPP, HP, HDS, IBM


Module 4: EMC Storage product family 

  • EMC CLARiiON Overview and EMC VNX

  • EMC CLARiiON MODELS and VNX models

  • EMC CLARiiON Arch and HW Components (CONTROLLERS, SPS, SPE, DAE, LOOP)

  • BE and FE Ports

  • Understanding Loop connections 

  • Management ports on SP-A and SP-B.

  • Power management  and SPE, DAE power connections

Module 5: EMC Collaboration 

  • Introduction  to EMC POWERLINK

  • What are VAULT DRIVES?

  • What is a FLARE?

  • What is Non Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) and how it is performed?

Module 6: EMC VNX Storage System Architecture 

  • EMC VNX Storage Controllers Design

  • Caching on EMC VNX systems

  • Cache Flushing

  • High watermark and Low water mark

  • Disk allocation

  • Disk usage and tearing in EMC VNX storage systems.

  • Disk drive performance

  • Back-End(BE) and Front-End(FE) ports in EMC  Storage systems

  • DAE ASSIGNMENT and LCC connectivity in Storage systems

Module 7: Fiber Channel Connectivity and Zoning 

  • What is a ZONE?

  • Why storage need ZONEs?

  • What are different types of ZONEs?

  • Creation of Alias, ZONE and ZONE configuration?

  • Brocade and Cisco Zonings?

  • Inter Switch Link (ISL)

  • Inter Chassis Link (ICL)

  • Zoning best practices

MODULE 8: EMC Storage system user interfaces 

  • Introduction to Navisphere and Unisphere?

  • Introduction to NAVICLI and Unisphere Host agent?

  • Studying Navisphere and Unisphere Components?

  • Installing Unisphere Host Agent on the host?

Module 9: EMC Storage Array Setup and Management

  • Disk management in EMC Clariion and VNX.

  • What is a Storage Pool & RAID Group?

  • What is Thin and Thick provisioning?

  • Differences between RAID Group and Storage Pool?

  • Creation of RAID Group?

  • Creation of Storage Pool?

  • Expanding a RAID Group and Storage Pool?

  • What is a LUN ?


  • Creation, modifying and deletion of LUN?

  • Assigning a LUN server?

  • Creating a file system on the LUN?

Module 10: EMC Storage Benchmarks and VNX to Host configurations 


  • What is Access Logix?

  • What is Storage Group?

  • Storage Maximum Configurations?

  • What is Multipathing?

  • What is EMC Power Path?

  • Installation and configuration of EMC  Power Path?

  • How load balancing and failover works?

  • Performing a failover test?

  • Installing EMULEX One Command and Qloqic SANSurfer


Module 11: EMC Control Station Failovers and Datamovers


  • Failover Modes in EMC Clariion and VNX

  • What is Trespassing?

  • What is a Metalun?

  • Different types of Metalun?

  • Create, modify and delete a Metalun?

  • What is Reserve Lun Pool in EMC VNX?

  • Copy On First Write in VNX?

  • What is Snap Mirror?

  • What is a ClONE?

  • Creation and assign CLONE in EMC VNX?

  • What is a SNAPSHOT?

  • What is Mirror View and SAN Copy?

Module 12: Storage Troubleshooting 


  • Day-to-Day Storage administrator activities

  • Troubleshooting Storage related issues.

  • Performance management steps