Veritas NetBackup

Veritas NetBackup

Veritas NetBackup Administration 7.7

Course Mentor:

Sree Harsha V

Course Duration:

40 Hours

Training Schedules:



08:00 AM to 12:00 PM


08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Class Room:

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Veritas NetBackup Administration


The NetBackup 7.7: Administration course provides the IT professional with instruction on the functionality of NetBackup 7.7 software. This course covers the general principles of using NetBackup to develop and implement a storage management strategy, including how to:


  • Configure and operate NetBackup 7.7.

  • Manage NetBackup using the graphical interfaces, commands, and scripts.

  • Provide service protection and recovery.

  • Use the NetBackup Activity Monitor, NetBackup reports, and OpsCenter to monitor NetBackup activity.

Mavrick has a comprehensive training program to obtain skills to become Certified in NetBackup Administration

Course Topics

Module 1: Introducing NetBackup

  •  Introduction to data protection

  •  The NetBackup environment

  •  NetBackup concepts

  •  Using the NetBackup Administration Console

  •  NetBackup appliance overview

  •  Using NetBackup OpsCenter

Module 2: Configuring NetBackup Storage

  •  NetBackup storage device concepts

  •  Configuring NetBackup basic disk storage

  •  Verifying basic disk storage


Module 3: Configuring Policies and Schedules

  •  Introduction to backup policies

  •  Creating and configuring policy attributes

  •  Creating a policy schedule

  •  Adding client to a policy

  •  Creating backup selections

  •  Managing existing policies


Module 4: Performing File System Backups

  •  Using and customizing the NetBackup Activity Monitor

  •  Performing manual backup operations

  •  Performing user-directed backups

  •  Backup job-related tips

Module 5: Performing File System Restores

  •  Introduction to restores

  •  Performing restore operations using the BAR interface

  •  Performing restore operations using OpsCenter Operational Restore

  •  Restore job-related tips

Module 6: Configuring Disk Pools

  •  Understanding disk pools and AdvancedDisk

  •  Configuring AdvancedDisk

  •  Managing AdvancedDisk storage


Module 7: Configuring Media Server Deduplication

  •  Introduction to NetBackup deduplication

  •  Configuring NetBackup media server deduplication

  •  Configuring client-side deduplication

  •  Managing NetBackup deduplication


Module 8: Configuring Tape Storage

  •  Understanding Media Manager storage units

  •  Configuring tape devices

  •  Verifying tape storage

  •  NetBackup media concepts

  •  Configuring media


Module 9: Managing Tape Storage


  •  Managing robots and tape drives

  •  Monitoring media and media states

  •  Managing tapes

  •  Media and device related tips


Module 10: Protecting Virtual Machines

  •  Introduction to virtual machine backups

  •  Configuring VMware backups

  •  Performing and Monitoring VM Backups

  •  NetBackup support for other virtualization solutions


Module 11: Recovering Virtual Machines

  •  Managing VMware restores

  •  Using VMware Instant Recovery

  •  Using the NetBackup vSphere Web Client Plug-in


Module 12: Duplicating Backups

  •  Backup duplication concepts

  •  Storage lifecycle policy concepts

  •  Using storage lifecycle policies

  •  Configuring optimized duplication

  •  Additional Storage Lifecycle Policy features and benefits


Module 13: Managing and Protecting the NetBackup Catalog

  •  Introduction to NetBackup catalogs

  •  Managing images

  •  Configuring a catalog backup policy

  •  Disaster recovery strategies


Module 14: Optimizing File System Backups

  •  File system backup challenges

  •  Configuring for True Image Restores

  •  Using synthetic backups

  •  Optimizing file system incremental backups with changelogs

  •  Using NetBackup Accelerator

  •  Using multiple data streams

  •  Optimizing tape drive performance using multiplexing

  •  Handling busy files on UNIX and Windows file systems


Module 15: Collecting Logs and Diagnostic Information

  •  Support resources

  •  NetBackup processes, services, and daemons

  •  Introduction to Logging Assistant

  •  NetBackup and Media Manager logging overview

  •  Using the support utilities

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