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How to Install and Configure SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019

Microsoft’s leading database is an essential tool, with in-cloud and on-premises versions providing incredible storage and analytic tools. It’s additionally turned into an essential application for data scientists, giving a structure to building and testing machine learning models. There is more in SQL Server, and the new release version can indicate where Microsoft thinks your data needs will go over the next few years.

Like all the previous versions, the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 latest version is also jam-packed with new features and capabilities. It will help organizations evaluate and test relational data with multiple integrations of various software. By creating a simplified view of data, users can have a comprehensive view of information.

The new version of SQL Server 2019 is available in Linux and Windows versions and support for containers and Kubernetes is added. Using Docker, including container support and the Linux version of SQL Server is an intriguing alternative, as it will enable you to build SQL Server with huge Kubernetes based analytic engines that work across Azure facilitated data lakes using Apache Spark.

Let's take a look at how to install and configure the SQL server 2019 preview version on Windows 2019 server.

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