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VMware Administration - 3. Understand Physical and VMware Networking Basics

At the core of vSphere Networking are virtual switches. vSphere supports standard switches (VSS) and distributed switches (VDS). Each virtual switch has a preset number of ports and one or more port groups.

Watch the below video tutorial

I have covered the following things in one video !! have some patience and apologies for mistakes !!

1. Basic Networking

2 Types of IP address: 1. Private (non Routable) & 2. Public (Routable)

Class A : to


Enterprise Level to - taken out for CLASS A private purpose ============================== to & to - are public IPs in CLass A

instagram.com [] amazon.in []


Class B to


Small & Mid Enterprise's to - Taken out for CLASS B Private purpose =============================== to & to - are public IPs in Class B

google.co.in []

amazon.co.uk []

amazon.com []

facebook.com []


Class C to


Home Purpose to - Taken out for CLASS C private purpose ============================== to & to - are public IPs in Class C

godaddy.com []


What is VLAN?

Simply a grouping of Some devices in your organisation

VLAN 1: to - 256 IPs (0 & 255 are gone) you can use 254 Ip's

Gateway :


Source is: (My laptop) to Destination is : 192.168.151(My ESXi) - no gateway

Source is: (My laptop) to Destination is : -need gateway ============================================================

2. What is Vmware Networking

  • By Default When you install ESXi Host, one Switch will be deployed Called as vSpher Standard Switch.

  • It contains 2 Components 1. Kernel Port 2. VM Port groups

  • VMKerner port is responsible to Respond back for Host requests.

  • VM Port groups will be used to manage Virtual Machine Traffic via diff VLAN Mapping's


Tomorrow's Class

What is Access Port

  • What is Trunk Port

  • What is L2 Switch

  • What is L3 Switch

  • How to configure HA in Networking


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